"OPEN" LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Rectangular - Red & Blue 16680

  • $13.88

Fixture Displays "OPEN" LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Rectangular - Red & Blue. This open LED sign is ideal for small businesses that wish to make their presence known to the public.
* This fixture hangs in store windows and becomes illuminated by high quality bulbs. This light up open LED sign glows when turned on with a vibrant, continuous light. This glow is created by interior bulbs that shine through epoxy letters, creating a strong radiance that is visible from afar.
* This open LED sign that is for retail stores can be used in bars, restaurants, gas stations, laundry mats, convenience shops, ice cream and pizza parlors, and even clothing boutiques.
* Displays such as these have the potential to create additional revenues for businesses. Because this open LED sign, known as a light up fixture, hangs in windows with a neon-like glow, passing customers can see it easily.
* These customers are then made aware of the business's existence and are more likely to make purchases in the shop.
* Dimensions: 17.2"W x 9.3"H x1.4"D