"OPEN" Animated LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Round - Blue Red 19539

  • $39.62

LED Open Sign with Oval Frame
LED technology with an open-face design is affordable for any size budget
Semi-gloss black frame and textured background give great contrast to flashing lights
(2) Controllable light pattern options including still and flash

This neon window display, LED open sign for storefront, is a great way to show customers that you're ready to welcome their business! The neon display with red and blue light bulbs is bright enough to attract attention without straining the eyes. This light signage, LED open sign with flashing details naturally draws customers to your shop with its two light pattern features. Both the still and flashing settings are ideal eye-catching solutions for any commercial establishment. The LED open sign that is bright and flashy, also known as a window light box, featured here has two light layers in the text, making the message very readable, even from afar. Use this signage in your store window to increase traffic. This LED open sign that has red and blue bulbs conforms to the traditional style of similar message displays in the US. Blue and red are the most popular colors for this type of signage, therefore this unit will effectively communicate its message even when viewed from an angle or distance from which it cannot be read.

This LED open sign that is for businesses is great for restaurants, bakeries, flower shops, and shoe stores! Any business can benefit from this sign. This LED open sign works for companies that value customer convenience. Informing loyal customers when in the shop is available for business is a great way to ensure patron satisfaction. This LED open sign features low-energy light-emitting diode bulbs which are low wattage to save money and lessen environmental impact. Feel good about being green while also attracting business. This LED open sign is affordable and stylish. Purchase one for your storefront today!

Overall Width x Height x Depth 18.5" x 9.5" x 0.8"
Weight 1.0lbs
Material Plastic
Placement Style Hanging
Message Open
Light Type LED
Features Illuminated, Animation
Power Cord Length 44.5"
Length of Chain / Wire 37.0"
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