"OPEN" Animated LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Rectangular - Red Blue 19547

  • $112.72

LED Open Sign That is Highly Visible
Easy-hang hardware included for customer convenience!
Black plastic offers sturdy construction!
LED lights flash for maximum attention!

This illuminated display, animated LED open sign tells potential customers that a location is ready for business! Even at night, passersby won't be able to miss this glowing display in a window thanks to the red and blue oscillating lights this sign features. This LED open Sign that is 22" across, also known as a bright programmable display, is featured in a number of retail stores and business locations that wish to clearly communicate their status to potential patrons. The sleek black plastic design of the illuminated exhibit nicely accentuates the design of many stores, diners, banks, and other establishments.

This LED open sign that displays indoors ships with a 12V adapter for quick & easy setup. Hanging hardware is included to make mounting and displaying the window sign quick and easy. This wholesale LED open sign attracts attention from customers with three illumination modes. The first steadily displays the word with no flashing or scrolling effects. The second mode spells out the word one letter at a time then flashes in red. The final programmable mode shows the border chasing to give the impression of circling blue lights, while the text remains static. Stand out from the crowd with the glowing, neon-colored lights and animation this LED sign offers!

Overall Width x Height x Depth 22.0" x 13.0" x 2.0"
Material Plastic
Placement Style Hanging
Message Open
Orientation Landscape
Light Type LED
Features Illuminated, Animation
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