"COFFEE" Animated LED Sign with Hanging Chain - Red Blue 19569

  • $28.03

LED Message Signs for Coffee
Animated hot coffee steam grabs customer attention
(2) Animation settings include moving and static for versatility
Open-faced design with LED technology is stylish and affordable
LED sign
These indoor electronic displays, LED message signs with coffee are a great addition to your café or shop window! This neon moving signage is not made for outdoor use, but can drive street traffic into your store with its scrolling animation. These LED message signs for coffee shops, also known as light boxes feature both an ON/OFF switch on the cord, and a red animation initiation switch on the side of the unit, making for ultimate flexibility in presentation. Hang an indoor scrolling display in a front window as a neon attention-grabber. LED message signs that feature coffee like this one have a back semi-gloss frame and a textured matte background which highlights the moving and static lights. These non-outdoor neon signage units are ideal energy-efficient tools because the light emitting diode bulbs take very little electricity to run. These window displays, LED message signs that indicate coffee can run during off-hours to increase visible advertising time during night hours when the unit truly shines the brightest. These combined features ensure cost-effectiveness and high advertising value of these displays even overnight!

These LED message signs for coffee are built economically but sturdily. If used correctly in an indoor setting, these moving displays can last a long time. LED message signs that "re for coffee shops can also be used in restaurants or convenience stores to promote the popular beverage. Bring folks into the a book shop with the that has a cafe inside. These coffee LED message signs feature red, white, blue, and orange lights. The colorful neon displays are attention-grabbing without being over the top, as only a small part of the indoor signage is moving o