"BEER WINE" Animated LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Round - Blue, White Blue 19570

  • $35.69

Electronic LED Sign That Says Beer and Wine

(2) Illumination settings for top and bottom lights still and flashing
Open-faced design for low price point
Red, white, and blue color lights to make message stand out
Open-faced design with low energy lights for optimal brightness with low price point

LED sign
This lit signage, electronic LED sign for restaurants is the perfect way to indicate to customers what beverages are offered. This message display for non-outdoor use is affordable, yet durable when properly presented. The light box, electronic LED sign that is for bars and restaurants has low density LED bulbs and an open-faced design which means it is an appropriate display for a message where outdoor signage is not essential. The illuminated unit can be set to either static or flashing settings, which enables a restaurant owner to customize the presentation such that it complements the unique business. This electronic LED sign for bars, also known as a window display, has unlimited utility in any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. This lit signage will shine the message even from far away with such bright lights and contrasting matte black background. Buy this electronic LED sign "ith neon writing for your store today! This signage is designed to make a big splash at an affordable cost.

This beer and wine electronic LED sign has a semi-gloss plastic frame that is durable and serves to highlight the lit text. This technology is not only useful to draw customers from outside. This electronic LED sign that says beer and wine can also be used inside the restaurant to remind diners of beve