"LIQUOR" Animated LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Rectangular - Red, Green Blue 19577

  • $15.60

Liquor LED Sign for Store Windows

Message: Liquor
Free Wi-Fi / Hair Salon / Lotto / Nails (2 Options) / Spa / Wi-Fi
Red, blue & green bulbs illuminate the message vibrantly
Includes hanging hardware for easy assembly
Ideal for window placement in convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and supermarkets

This liquor LED sign is an illuminated display for store advertising. Each fixture is designed for hanging inside business windows to attract customers. This store liquor LED sign has red, green, and blue bulbs that light up and animate to capture customers???? attention. These bulbs are exposed to ensure a prominent and bright glow. This flashing liquor LED sign has the ability to make more consumers aware of the existence of a retail shop and, therefore, the potential to increase sale revenue. Ideal for convenience stores and supermarkets, this fixture informs customers that beer, wine or other spirits are sold there. This liquor led sign that is for stores is also great for alcohol stores, restaurants, and bars. Additionally, when this fixture is illuminated it indicates that the establishment is open and ready for business. This liquor LED sign that lights up hangs easily inside store windows, safe and protected from inclement weather and theft.

liquor LED sign
Each light up display comes entirely assembled and ready to use. This liquor led sign that advertises beer and wine includes (2) h"ging chains for mounting the unit in a retail space. These chains are easy to hook onto the display. This liquor led sign, also called a neon display, comes with a power cord that measures approximately 45???? in