"SPA" Animated LED Sign with Hanging Chain, Rectangular - Red Blue 19578

  • $13.61

LED Spa Sign for Salons

Message: Spa
Free Wi-Fi / Hair Salon / Lotto / Nails (2 Options) / Spa / Wi-Fi
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Hanging chains included for easy assembly
Red & blue bulbs are exposed for maximum illumination
45¡± Power cord for lighting up the display

This LED spa sign is an essential marketing tool that lets customers know what services a store supplies. When plugged in, this display illuminates with bright, neon like lights. This light up LED spa sign features red and blue bulbs. These bulbs are exposed in order to allow them to shine to their brightest. This window LED spa sign, while advertising salon services, also simply lets customers know that the establishment is open for business. Such a notification has the ability to generate additional sales for a store! This LED spa sign that is for salons animates in order to capture the attention of potential customers passing by. Establishments that would benefit from this unit include massage facilities, hair and nail sa"ns. This LED spa sign that flashes is ideal for a nail salon that also offers facials and massages!

LED Spa Sign
Each light up fixture is designed for hanging inside of store windows. This LED spa sign that hangs is light weight and easy to mount. Each unit comes with 2 hanging chain