1 Pair Graduated Compression Calf Sleeve Athletic Support Circulation Shin Splints Run 15937

  • $3.35

Fixture Displays Compression Leg Sleeves For Running Sport 15937. This Compression Leg Sleeves deliver dual, pin-point compression to the front and back of the legs to increase blood circulation and provide muscle support during athletic training and recovery.
Fabric of this leg sleeves is breathable and high tenacity filament yarn, allowing the garment and athlete to stay cool, dry and light during exertion.
These compression leg sleeves are ideal for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and anyone else who is on their feet and would like to increase the blood flow in their lower legs. Under natural state, top width is 5.5", bottom width is 4", total length is 11.4". Color are black. This listing is for a pair of two leg sleeves.