1" Letter Set, 930 Pieces - Black 119825

  • $35.61

1"h letter fits most menu board channels.
Injection molding construction is lightweight & resilient.
Non-boxed letter kit eliminates excess costs.
6 batches have 155 letter inserts each, equaling 930 characters per kit.Description

Letter Kit With 930 Pieces
This letter kit includes six sheets, totaling 930 individual numbers, symbols and ABCs. The plastic characters insert into a grooved or track-style menu display, such as the MNULTBDLG. The letter kit, also known as changeable inserts, features tabbed backing to easily clip each unit into a board. This business sign set is made from black, injection molded plastic, contrasting perfectly against white letterboards. This letter kit has inserts measuring 1" tall to fit most menu displays and boards. The changeable sign set gives users the ability to quickly update a bulletin by simply adding or removing characters. The letter kit is therefore perfect for use within restaurants, business lobbies, offices, schools and hotels requiring up-to-date messages and bulletins.

letter kit The replacement set includes various numbers and symbols to correspond with a menu display or announcement. These changeable characters also have at least one of every letter of the alphabet per sheet, with more repetition given to vowels and primary consonants. (Please view the PDF document linked below for actual counts.) The plastic numbers and symbols are shipped as sets to lowers costs and to keep inserts together. These replacement characters do not have a storage tray or box; however, the separate sheets will keep letters organized before use.
View the character tally.
Overall Height 1.0"
Material Plastic
Color Black