Clear Side Pocket Wall Mount Literature Holder Leaflet Brochure 2-Sided Tape 4"W

  • $4.24

. This clear transparent literature holder holds 4" wide leaflets, brochures, suggestion cards, envelops.
. Made from 1/8" thick plexiglass lucite, comes with 2 strips of self adhesive double-sided tape, tape is not pre-applied.
. This pocket holder can be used on any flat surface, and instantly make information available to your patrons. Use this wall mount holder to distribute menus, brochures, tickets, ballots, applications are endless.
. Use in conjuection with donation suggestion boxes is a very popular end use - make envelops available for ease of donation, suggestion cards for customers and or employees to write their feedback, or even hold pencils.
. Position this on your fridge or by your desk, can keep photos, flash cards, and items you need to access frequently for best efficiency.