Literature, Clear Acrylic Catalog, Book, CD, DVD, Stand 11804 6 pack

  • $39.10

Ideal to use at Bookstores, Coffee shop, Banks, Gift shop etc to display feature books, brochures, catalogs, DVD's, literatures etc.

Slanted-back clear acrylic literature holder for countertop use.

Holds up to 8.5' x 11' literature.

  • 1. Entirely made of durable acrylic with light weight but elegant design.
  • 2. Package: 6 pcs in one pack.  
  • 3. Overal dimensions are: 6" wide x 5.8" tall x 7" deep content wise front to back. Hold 4" thick worth of literature materials.
  • 4. Weight: 0.5lbs/pcs