Foldable Storage Box Bag Clothes Blanket Closet Sweater Organizer Canvas10700

  • $9.34

This folding storage box is designed in pastoral style, clean and fresh, which is very suitable for European or modern style home. It is made of Linen fabric, that full of weaving sense, also strong and durable. Both inside and outside of the box use fabric as the surface, not only suitable for store daily products, magazine, cosmetic, but also good for store smallclothes, such as underwear, socks, scarves and so on. Appropriate size, allows it to be put on your table, bath room, cloakroom or storage room. It can be cleaned with wet cloth, or you can use a small brush to clean some parts.Handles on two sides, is convenient for moving it to everywhere.
Overall Length x Width x Depth: 27" x 17"x 10"; front side depth: 6", back side depth: 10", depth is diminishing from front side to back side.
Color: Surface in navy , inner in black , margin in red.