24-Slot Cellphone iPad Charging Station Lockers Assignment Mail Slot Box 15255

  • $427.39

Want dine with your real friend and leave your cellphone, i Pad or wallet somewhere secure? Or create an environment that allows your customers really enjoy each other? FixtureDisplays cellphone iPad charging station lockers mail slots are ideal for use in gyms, health clubs, government buildings, schools and other settings where small items need to be securely stored and be charged on time.
Constructed entirely of steel metal with grey coating, cell phone lockers can accommodate cell phones, wallets, keys, cameras, and other small items.
Size: 24.61"W x 15.35"H x 7.87"D, 24 compartments, 24 unique keys and locks. Locks come with unique keys for users' privacy. Each slot's lock comes with two identical keys. Two master keys are provided. Master keys can access any locker. Each slot is equipped with one female 5V USB power source. You can plug your male USB charging cable and start charging your devices. Work with both Android and IOS cables.
Multiple units buyers, master key is universal. Each locker has unique key with minor statistical possilbility of duplication.
Big slot measures: 8.26" W x 2"H x 7.40"D, Door width is 9.25", Door clearance is 8.26" wide. Small slot measures: 4.4" W x 2"H x 7.40"D.                                                                           To order wall mount bracket,follow:https://www.fixturedisplays.net/products/bracket_15635                                 Jail locker