4.3"dia. x 1.25"h Green Magnetic Pincushion 18111 GREEN

  • $7.19

FixtureDisplays 4.3"dia. x 1.25"h Green Magnetic Pincushion.
Powerful magnet holds pins in place, yet safe near your sewing machine. No more picking up spilled pins, simply sweep them up. No more stopping work to push pins into a cloth cushion, just drop them on this magnetic pincushion.
Terrific organizing tool, whether you sew or not. Can be used in the office, sewing or hobby rooms, workbench area to collect paper clips, nails/screws, junk drawer mysteries and more!
Measures 4.3" wide x 1.25" high x 4.3" deep.
Color is green.
Weight is 5.6 ounce.