Golf Gloves Pair White Genuie Leather Small, Embroidered 3 Adjustable Wrist Band

  • $10.00

* Soft Genuine Leather provides excellent comfort and superior grip quality. Since its a pair, you don't have to figure left or right handed.
* Fit like the best glove - Elastic stretch mesh, combined with soft leather, this pair of gloves fit really well to your hands. Spared no effort with careful sewing around finger tips, knuckles, thumb area.
* Wrist band loop and hoop closure, no awkard angles to work with, great style and excellent security.
* Ventilation Stetch Mesh on entire upper shell, gives extra assurance of breathability and flexiblity.
* Comes in a pair. Embroidered with number "3". Meaning - you decide. Can be your desired handicap, or a reminder to take 3 practice swings? Think of something fun.