Portable Ultra Violet Magnetic Currency Detector Counterfeit Cash Detector ID Passport Checker 10070

  • $6.26

2 in 1 UV & Magnetic Strip Detection in One with lanyard. This mini money detector machine is portable and convenient to use. Color: Blue. Package includes: 1pc. This product has both Ultra Violet detecting and Magnetism detecting.UV detecting: Press UV button, the fluorescent patterns can be seen on the banknote. Magnetism detecting: Pres MG button on the side of the detector, the power indicator turns on. Keep the light on, while rub the detctoion head against magnetic area of your currency, dector beeps if magnetic ink or magnet code were located. Item detects USD , EURO and GBP. Item includes FREE Batteries (6V, 4 x Ag13 Lithium cells). Package Includes 1 x Counterfeit Bank Note Detector.Features: This detector quickly let you examine the UV printed area, as well as presence of magnetic strip. Keep in mind counterfeit money comes in different level of complexity, some currency can pass this detector. UV and magnetic dection can also be used to check IDs, passports, documents. Defector comes with lanyard. It requires 4AG13/LR44 Batteries (included). Dimensions: 3.5" L x 1.125" W x 0.75" D .Lanyard length: 15.25".