Multipurpose Grippers Mop Broom Holder W/ 6 Hooks 15823

  • $3.73

Fixture Displays Multipurpose Grippers Mop Broom Holder W/ Six Hooks 15823. It can be used anywhere in the garage, garden, kitchen, laundry, offices and much more you name it. It is strong, sturdy, long lasting and weatherproof. There are 5 ball slots and 6 hooks so you can organize 11 cleaning utilities in one place. Hooks can be folded up and out of the way. It has rubber grips on both sides of the ball slot so it holds very well. It is guaranteed non slide even with the thinnest or smoothest handles will not slide down. It can also hold heavy items without sliding down. Upon hanging wet mops it can dry or air out so that you won't have that "musty" odor. These mop broom holders measure 16 inches length. Easy installation needed. Mounting screws included.