Black Bitumen Paint Modified Bitumen Tar Oily Polyurethane Waterproof Sealant for Concrete Floor Crack Roof Repair Parking Lot Drive Way 11LBS 18199

  • $68.45

【This Liquid Rubber polyurethane】Cures in about 12 hours. When cured, a sturdy layer of rubberish material is formed. Super durable with tremendous tear resistance.
【Use mesh to enhance performance】Use with a mesh fabric can further enhance structcural integrity. Great for use in flashing area too!
【Flows well】This material has flows well, and is easy to use. Works well in repairing drive way cracks and roof leaks.
【Use above 55 degrees F】 Once can is open, please use all material up within a couple of hours. Left over will dry up quickly, so plan your project and apply quickly.
【Can size: 8" diameter X 10" high】Capacity is 11 lbs. To purchase smaller can, consider 2.2 lbs can: