Decorative Polished White Pebbles 3/8"-13/16" Gravel Size 2.2 LBS Small Bag (4X6X2") 15356

  • $1.28

* 2.2 Lbs Decorative Smooth Pebble. 1-2 cm in size. Or about 3/8-3/4". Sizes do vary. This is about size of your pinky tip. Great for small pots.
* Use these rocks to decorate your fairy gardens, flower arrangements, succulent containers and potted plants. These white pebbles dress up your succulents, makes a pot look more finished, and its nicer to look at pretty white rocks as opposed to brown dirt with yellowing perlite. The white background give great contrast for your plants.
* Polished surface: The pebbles are polished for a smooth touch and feel.
* Great pebbles rocks for topsoil dressing for plants. The rocks are white. Comes in a small bag: 4X6X2". You have about 65 pcs (estimate) rocks in this package.
* As pebbles rub against each other its typical there maybe small amount of white powder in the bag.