Pet Dog Cat Seat Booster Car Carrier Bag Pet Travel Messenger Tote Soft Kennel 12235

  • $12.48

Dog/Cat seat booster small pet carseat allow your pet to view the road out of the car windows with style. Let your beloved pet explore the world and enjoy the ride as much as you do.

Measures 12.6 Wide x 10.6 Deep x 7" Tall.* Material: Polyester with waterproof coating, soft wool-like polyester lining. Lining is removable for washing. Come with one 16" long safety strap inside to leash your pet.

Help keep your pet contained and elevated in body and spirit. This Dog Car Seat is designed for dogs weigh no more than 10 lbs.

Carrier comes with two additional straps on the sides. These two straps can be used as shoulder straps to carry your pet off the car, as well as tying to your seat to keep your booster elevated. The strap with two metal hook ends measures 50" long which allows u to use as a short leash when necessary. The other strap measures 44" long when fully extended. This 44" strap is removable on one end via a clasp, sewn to bag on the other end.