Pet Water Dispenser Hanging Drinking Bottle Automatic Fountain Feeder for Cat Puppy Dog Rabbit 12248

  • $1.60

Hanging pet drinking water fountain
Description: Colorful hanging pet drinking water fountain, good quality, fine workmanship, with a steel ball, does not rust, can prevent dog biting of the water fountain head, economical, and durable. Drinking fountains can be easily installed on the cage for your pets/ dogs convenience.
Method of use:
1. Rinse well for your pets health.
2. Pour into drinking water, install mouth piece and tighten it.
3. The water bottle upside down, fingers plug outlet, shake up and down several times, emptying air in the tube.
4. Use your fingertips touch outlet, check whether the water is smooth.
5. Small amount of dripping initially is normal. Dripping should stop when pressure is balanced.
Capacity: 350 ml