Frame, Shelf Label, Holders 8" x 2" Signage/Counters/Shelves/Reception Desk 10pk

  • $49.99

These shelf label holders, also called acrylic signs, are excellent for holding prices, sale and inventory signs. The clear acrylic display is made so that a barcode can easily be scanned. These shelf label holders are constructed from acrylic plastic. The clear acrylic display is side loading, making it easy to remove or add signs. The shelf label holders do not need to be moved or taken down when removing or adding signs. The acrylic display can hold cards that are 8-1/2"w and 2"h. These shelf label holders are built for years of use. The acrylic sign display has a depth of 8" to allow it to stay put on a mantle even if there are no products on top of the unit.

These shelf label holders can be moved from one tight spot to the next with ease. The signs being held in the display are kept securely in place due to the design of the acrylic. These shelf label holders are perfect for book stores or libraries when labeling different sections. The acrylic display can be used in an office for files kept on bookshelves or mantles. These shelf label holders are excellent for inventory in backrooms, as the clear material allows for scanner to easily scan bar codes. The acrylic display can hold a few signs at once to allow for sale cards to be simple put in front of the regular price. These shelf label holders will make it more efficient when the sale ends, as workers can simply remove the top card and not need to worry about making a replacement for the original sign. There are so many applications these clear acrylic display signs can be used for. Not to mention the incredibly low price these sign displays sell at. Buy these display signs in bulk to save even more money today!

Packed in 10 - you will receive 10 single units.

Sign Size:
8-1/2"w x 2"h
Shelf Rest: 8-1/2"w x 8"l
Acrylic Thickness: 1/8"
Weight: less than 1 lbs