4" x 9"Inside Magnet Dims Acrylic Sign Holder with Magnets, T style Clear19038

  • $5.04

Acrylic Picture Frame for Home or Retail Use This acrylic picture frame is ideal for displaying photos in a variety of locations. Each clear enclosure may be used in homes, retail stores, restaurants, bars, and tradeshows. This stand up acrylic picture frame has the ability to hold personal photographs, store information, sales, menus, drink specials, and brochures. This holder presents these images in an easy to see manner. This acrylic picture frame that is clear is constructed in a t-shape with a small, rectangular base. This design lets the display stand up right for viewing by a variety of people and customers in a wide range of environments. This acrylic picture frame that has a t-shaped base is an extremely versatile and easy to use plastic photograph holder. The 4" by 9" dimensions are ideal for holding a variety of displays. Each 4x9 acrylic picture frame is constructed with two 3mm thick clear plastic sides that attach together with small magnets. The desired photo can be slid in between these sides and secured in place using these magnets. This menu holder, acrylic picture frame, is equipped with a base that measures 10mm tall by 50mm wide. This bottom allows the plastic enclosure to stand up right in a steady manner. This acrylic picture frame, also called a brochure holder, presents images in portrait orientation. This orientation is ideal for presenting marketing materials in stores and at tradeshows. This acrylic picture frame that is 4" x 9" holds many kinds of materials in an easy to see up right manner. Specifications: Overall Width x Height x Depth: 4.8" x 10.3" x 2.0"; Base Width x Depth: 4.8" x 2.0"; Viewable Width x Height: 4.0" x 9.0"; Weight: 0.5lbs; Material: Acrylic; Color: Clear; Placement Style: Counter / Tabletop; Media Size: 4" x 9"; Orientation: Portrait; Loading / Door Style: Magnetic; Plastic / Acrylic Thickness: 0.125".