20-Pocket Business Card Holder for Wall, Push Dispenser, Header, Fits 2000

  • $311.94

A business card dispenser keeps a selection of business cards on display and more easily accessible by those entering or exiting a building. This name card dispenser, business card dispenser has 20 individual polycarbonate pockets for storing up to 2,000 cards in one fixture. We recommend using a business card dispenser as an income-generating promotional display. Simply attach the business card dispenser to a wall, such as within a building's front lobby, waiting area or store front, providing customers full access to the holder. The business card dispenser, also known as an appointment card dispenser, can then be leased out to neighboring businesses to display their own contact information in a pocket. Not only will this business card dispenser increase exposure of a company's contact information, but it will also provide proprietors with another way to collect income.

card display rack
This business card dispenser features a spring-loaded system to distribute business cards one at a time. Each pocket is constructed from polycarbonate for an indestructable display! The backboard of this business card dispenser is constructed from ABS plastic and e-panel, making it easier to mount on to a wall. The business card holder, business card dispenser will therefore keep contact information protected while on display, yet will prevent excess cards from spilling on to the floor. This business card dispenser, such as mounted card cases, will also only distribute as many cards as a customer requests. We even provide this business card dispenser with a blank, styrene header. Customize the header by simply adding a company's name, logo, catchphrase or phone number!

Overall Width x Height x Depth 23.1" x 15.9" x 4.0"
Pocket Width x Height x Depth 3.5" x 1.8" x 1.9"
Header Width x Height 21.5" x 3.0"
Weight 11.0lbs
Material Polycarbonate
Color Clear, Black
Placement Style Wall Mounted
Pocket Type Multi-Pocket
Number of Pockets 20