Podium Protective Cover Pulpit Cover Lectern Cover 33"W x 48"H x 24"D 1803-9

  • $20.95

【33"W x 48"H x 24"D Size】Wide Podium Protective Cover protect your podium and keep it free of dust. Pulpit Cover Lectern Padded Cover 33"W x 48"H x 24"D.
【Santa Bag】 Also works great as bulk bag, santa gift sack. Use string to tie openning. Five sided.
【Durable Fabric】 Constructed of durable fabric, last for years to come.
【Machine Washable】Color: Black. Machine Washable. Ironing - use low heat, test small areas. Preferrably use another piece of cloth to cover this velvet piece before ironing.
【Recommend Podiums】This would fit FixtureDisplays podium 1803-4, 10014:https://www.fixturedisplays.net/products/podium_10014