Truss Podium with iPad Enclosure Clamp - Silver 119763

  • $387.69

45-1/2¡± Tall Stand for the Average Person¡¯s Height.
23-1/2¡± Wide Top for Spacious Reading Room.
Curved Design for a Contemporary Appeal.
Tablet Enclosure Fastens by Clamp onto the Edge of Podium.
Rotating and Tilting for Alternate Viewing Angles.
Locking Enclosure and Covered Home Button.
Accommodates Generations 2, 3, & 4 Apple? Devices.Description
iPad Floor Lectern with Curved Silver Aluminum Truss Stand and Clamping Tablet Enclosure
iPad Floor Lectern
This iPad floor lectern is"eading-edge design that combines digital and print format into one stunning, interactive display! Each tablet stand is 45-1/2¡± tall to correspond to the average person¡¯s upright posture for a comfortable presentation stance behind a contemporary truss design. The top of the aluminum floor lectern has a reading space of 23-1/2¡± for enough room to organize notes and other literature pieces into a tidy display and within accessible reach. Uniquely, this stand includes a tablet holder with purchase that has a covered home button that c