Acrylic Podium with iPad Enclosure Clamp - Clear & Silver

  • $821.21

Podium Stands at a Height of 48¡± for an Ideal Reading Level.
26-3/4¡± Reading Space for Various Literatures.
Bracket Securely Fastens to Edge of Lectern by Clamp.
Tilting and Rotating Enclosure for Alternate Viewing Options.
Locking Enclosure for Security Against Tampering.
Generation 2, 3, & 4 Apple? Devices are Accommodated.Description
Speech Stand for iPad with Silver Clamping Tablet Enclosure
Speech Stand for iPad
This speech stand for iPads is a great fixture that combines digital and print content into one stunning display for presentations and lectures. The podium is 48¡± in height and has "-3/4¡± reading space to hold notes and other pertinent information. Each acrylic speech stand for iPads includes a touchscreen device enclosure that accommodates Apple? generations 2, 3, and 4 technology and clamps to the edge of the lectern for a digital interface that is detachable and portable. This bracket that has an exposed home button for access to applications is constructed to tilt and rotate for speakers to adjust into the ideal viewing angle while presenting information to an audience using both technology and printe