30" Portable Podium for Floor, Large Reading Surface, Open Back with Shelf - Mahogany 19588

  • $239.94

FixtureDisplays Wooden Mahogany Podium, Large Reading Surface, Built-in Shelf.
This wooden podium has a beautiful red mahogany finish, whcih will fit in any setting. This podium has an easy assembly, which can be built by one person in around 5 minutes. This makes it perfect for events in which a podium is needed, since it can be tranported then built at the site very easily. There are shelves at the back to place books, notes, etc, and the surface is huge, allowing notes, books, etc. to be placed on it.
Dimension: 30" width x 20" depth;
Height faces to audience is 49.3"; Height faces to speaker is 45.8";
Material: Melamine MDF;
Color: Red Mahogany.