20-1/2" Circular Acrylic Podium for Floor with Silver Aluminum Sides - Clear 19651

  • $375.97

Circular Clear Acrylic Podium has an Adjustable Reading Surface

Reading Surface can be Either Slanted or Flat
(4) Rubber Feet on Base
All Hardware & Instruction Provided
(2) Aluminum Poles Accent the Acrylic Base and Top

This circular clear acrylic podium, also called a Plexiglas lectern, provides a speaking platform for a church or a school lecture hall. Each presenter display is useful in recreational facilities or business meeting rooms. The circular clear acrylic podiums unique architectural design will help draw all attention in the room to the speaker behind the stand. This lectern display has (2) aluminum poles that connect the base to the reading surface. This circular clear acrylic lectern has a 3/4???? thick plastic base and reading surface for lasting use. These display pulpits have a round reading surface with a diameter of 20-1/2???? for placing ample notes. The circular clear acrylic lectern has (4) rubber feet. The feet on the stand helps to prevent scratching to the floor or the unit itself.

Each Plexiglas lectern, circular clear acrylic podium adds a contemporary feel to modern day d????cor! These round pulpits takes just minutes to assemble. The circular clear acrylic podium comes with all the hardware and instruction for easy assembly upon receiving the display. This speaker????s stand also comes with a cleaning solution and cloth for quickly removing fingerprints, dust, and dirt! Each circular cle"rylic podium has an adjustable reading surface. These plastic pulpits reading surface can be placed at a slanted or flat position. The circular clear acrylic podium is 42-1/2???? tall. This impressive floor lectern is a great tool for any loc