20-1/2" Circular Acrylic Podium for Floor, X-Shaped Post - Clear 19654

  • $538.90

Circular Clear Acrylic Lectern has an Adjustable Reading Surface

(4) Rubber Feet
Hardware & Instructions are Included
Cleaning Solution and Cloth Provided
Clear Acrylic Construction

This circular clear acrylic lectern, also known as a round display podium is ideal for church congregations and conference halls. Each cheap plastic speaker¡¯s stand can also be used in college lecture halls and small business meeting rooms! The circular clear acrylic lectern is made up of 3/4¡± thick plexiglass reading surface and base for added durability. This display podium has 1/2¡± thick plastic for the body for a lightweight unit. Each circular clear acrylic lectern has a unique ¡¯X¡¯ shape for added appeal. The architectural make of this display will help draw the attention of everyone in the room to the speaker standing behind the podium. This circular clear acrylic lectern has (4) rubber feet on the base. The rubber feet help prevent scratching to both the surface of a floor and the base of the acrylic unit!

Each cheap podium, circular c"crylic lectern is a great addition to any location. The round presenter¡¯s stand is easy to assemble. This circular clear acrylic lectern takes minutes to build. The display stand comes with all the necessary hardware to assemble