44.3" Tall Podium for Floor, Curved clear Front Acrylic Panel - Dark Grey

  • $353.49

FixtureDisplays 44.3" Tall Podium for Floor, Curved Clear Front Acrylic Panel - Dark Grey Wood, Clear acrylic. This dark grey lectern is made from quality acrylic & wood materials to add modren design to any business office or congregation. <br>A wooden podium is designed with 2 shelves for holding small items. The tall lectern comes with a clear front acrylic panel that is held to the pulpit with 6 stand-offs. Clear aryclic in picture has grey tune, in reality id has clear white look. <br>Businesses don't have to worry about scratching their floors as each wooden podium comes with 4 adjustable rubber feet. The wood stand has a grey veneer finish. <br>Please Note: Easy assembly required. Instructions and tools provided. If you need an assembled unit, please contact us cs@fixturedisplays.com.
<br>Overall Width x Height x Depth: 27.5" x 44.3" x 16.5"; Height faces to audience is 44.3", height faces to speaker is 41.3".
<br>Material Acrylic, MDF;
<br>Color: Dark Grey;
<br>Weight 41.8 lbs;
<br>Placement Style: Floor Standing;
<br>Top Surface Width x Depth: 27.5" x 16.5";
<br>Shelf Width x Depth: 13.5" x 9.25";
<br>Base Width x Depth: 27.5" x 16.5";
<br>Lip Width: 24.0";
<br>Lip Depth: 0.6";
<br>Number of Shelves: 2.
<br>For your convenience here is a link to assembly video: https://youtu.be/ldf9N8guNQk. You can also search“19658 church podium pulpit lectern school event debate fixturedisplays INSTRUCTIONS” on youtube to locate the video.You can also download video by following this link: http://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/19658.AVI