Ceiling Mount Sign Holder Wall Mount Ceiling Poster Snap Frame Store Aisle Sign

  • $63.36

FixtureDisplays Hanging Ceiling Vertical Sign Frame, 25.2" X 37.2" X 23.4" Tradeshow Display 119876.
Wall mount or ceiling mount. This hanging ceiling sign frame is great for supermarket, shopping mall, retail outlets, sports and convention venues...
Overall product size is 25.2" Width X 37.2" Height X 23.4" Deep. Graphic size is 24" Width X 36" Height. Viewable area is 23.3 x 35.3". Shipping size is 39.6 X 27 X 3.2". Net weight is 8.2 lbs. Gross weight is 9.5 lbs.
The hanging ceiling sign is made of 20mm X 20mm metal tube with black powder coated finish.
Snap frame for ease of graphcs removal and placement.
The panel can be tilted.
Brackets can be locked to the ceiling , wall.