Clear 24" Budget Banner Hanger and Poster Display 101701

  • $2.69

24" Budget Banner Hanger and Poster Display - Clear Plastic is a sturdy low-cost solution for hanging signs and banners or finishing the bottom of signs and banners securely.
The model can accept signage or banners up to 1/8" thick.
Features: Tough can¡¯t be broken easily. Yet friendly and easy to use!
Accessories: Each equipped with two hang hooks.
Method of use: 1. Slide poster/banner into the extruded hanging strip. The strip has two flanges that tightly grips sandwiched graphics. Install hooks.
2. Thread suitable cable/chain (client to supply) through the two hook holes. 3. Hang the assembly up to ceiling or wall peg.
3. For customers wish to use a weight at bottom of the poster, you may puchase another hanger to accomplish this task.