12.2X3.5X0.8" Clear Acrylic Sign Holder Picture Frame Film Display Nametag Place 18610

  • $12.39

【Clear Acrylic Sign Holder Picture Frame 0.39" Thick】This acrylic sign holder photo frame is made of 0.39 inches thick acrylic material. It is designed to hold and showcase a sign or photograph, film strips, providing a clear and protective covering for the inserted content. These frames are used in various settings such as offices, retail spaces, exhibitions, and homes to display important information, promotional materials, or cherished pictures, private collections such as art, film, stamps, currencies, money, notes, cards...
【12.25 X 3.5 X 0.8" Outside Dims】The frame has overall dimensions of 12.25 inches in width, 3.5 inches in height, and 0.8 inches in depth.
【11.42 X 2.67 Inside Magnets】Within magnets boundaries, it accommodates a maximum size of 11.42 inches in width and 2.67 inches in height. Additionally, you can display larger sheets over the magnets, provided that your material is not too thick, which could weaken the magnetic hold
【Made of 0.39" Thick acrylic】This sign holder picture frame is made of 0.39 inches thick clear acrylic with 8 magnets
【Stand Up Horizontal or Vertical】At 0.8" thickness, this display holder can stand up on its edge with stability