Solar Energy Snake Repeller Powerful Ultrasonic Gopher Mole Mouse Rodent Voles Rat Garden Yard Lawn

  • $6.55

ELIMINATE PESTS FROM YOUR Yard Garden Lawn FARM and make them a Safe place for you and your family.
This device will effectively repel Snakes Moles Gophers Rodents Raccouns Rats Voles sheltering in the area.
NO MORE PEST CONTROL SERVICES OR HARMFUL CHEMICALS: This 100% Safe and Maintenance Free device uses powerful vibrating sonic sound pulses transmitting in all directions through the ground.
It will cause such disturbance to pests that will force them evacuate the area as they will consider it as Danger ZONE.
SOLAR ENERGY POWERED: The unit will collect energy from the sun during daytime in order to continue operating after dark to make your premises impenetrable to all these unwanted visitors 24/7.
EASY TO USE: Choose the best sun location enabling the solar panel to receive the light as directly as possible.
Insert the spike firmly into the ground and enjoy the PEST FREE environment you deserve.