Plexiglass Closet Shelf Dividers Kitchen Pantry Clear Arylic Shelf Organizers

  • $14.49

10¡° Wide 12" Tall Shelf Divider, 4 to a Pack. Works great for stores shops and households. Come with self ahesive tapes. Use these doubleside tapes (optional) on any flat surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass, marble, & more. Acrylic is 3mm (1/8") thickness. This divider helps make organizing your shelves to make distinctive spaces. This is especially helpful for items don't stack squarely and tends to lean and occupy nearby spackes - such as bagged products, purses, handbags, towels, sheets, pants, shirts...
Easy to install, and almost invisible to the eye. Use these in closet to separate Pants, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts; Or use in pantries to organize chips, noodles, candies; Many find good use in kitechen counterspace, even inside a fridge to help keep things organized.
Measures 10" Long, 12" Tall, 3" Wide. Each divider weights 1.25 lbs. If your dividers come with protective film, please peel off before use.
Move around the dividers: Best practice is to not apply tape right away. Rather try and optimiaze the space/position, then apply double sided tape. If you do need to move it around after taping down. Here is quick tip: Use hot air dryer to soften the adhesion and then remove the divider would be much easier. Avoid exposure of dust and lint to the adhesive for better re-use results.