Oval Trade Show Case with Twist Latches & Wheels - Black 19800

  • $158.27

FixtureDisplays Oval Trade Show Case with Twist Latches & Wheels - Black. With this case, makes makes trade show accessories portable. This hard carrying case can be used to transport trade show accessories to and from an event. The portable container, hard carrying case is made from a hard plastic to keep your accessories protected.
The hard carrying case features a simple plastic, hard shell design, therefore making it perfect to store large banner graphics or knockdown display fixtures.
The hard carrying case is equipped with (2) front wheels, making it portable, even when completely filled. This hard shell container, hard carrying case also includes high-quality latches to keep its cover securely attached. The latches, with their twist-around design, even feature an area for attaching a lock!
This hard carrying case makes it extremely easy to transport your trade show accessories and exhibits in between events. The hard carrying case even includes a separate storage compartment for more fragile items, such as spotlights. Buy the hard carrying case to make your presentational equipment more portable and easier to store. The hard carrying case can even be used as a counter during a presentation! Overall Width x Height x Depth: 27.5" x 39.3" x 15.7";
Weight: 26.0lbs;
Material: Plastic;
Color: Black;
Features: Wheels.