Clear Polystyrene Sign Holder Picture Frame Photo Menu Holder Countertop Rack 11193-3-7x5

  • $2.11

Peel off protective film (white) before use. 

FixtureDisplays 7x5" Clear Polystyrene Sign Holder Picture Frame Photo Menu Holder Countertop Display Rack. This well crafted table tent is sized for use with 7"x5" photos/ graphics/ menu cards or other signages.
This Polystyrene frame holder is versatile and can be used in most any type of setting.
This table tent, polystyrene frame features an open top design that allows for easy sign changes. To update the display, simply slide the old menu card out through the top and replace with a new image or advertisement.
Use this table tent as a double-sided sign holder by inserting two prints back-to-back. The clear polystyrene framing provides protection for the advertisements on display, as well as an unobstructed view.
Place this Polystyrene sign holder on a bar or restaurant tabletop to create an effective means of promoting food and beverage items, also can be used in hotel rooms to display the TV channel listings.
The popular 7x5" size is also commonly used for photos. This table tent is also offered with silkscreen imprinting for an additional per unit fee. Email
Overall Measures 7.1" wide x 5.3" high x 2.1" deep.
Material: Polystyrene.
Polystyrene Thickness: 0.08"(2mm).
Item Weight: 0.37 lbs.
The top of this holder does open somewhat. Does not impact functionality.
If your purchase comes with protective film, please remove film before use. PEEL OFF PROTECTIVE FILM BEFORE USE PLEASE.