FixtureDisplays® Acrylic Candy Bin with Plexiglass Display and Gridwall for Treats Dispensing 100864

  • $26.10

【Plaxiglass Acrylic Divided Candy Bin】: A versatile candy bin designed with divisions to simultaneously display two types of candy, enhancing the customer experience.
【Time-Saving Convenience】: Spend less time refilling the bin, allowing you to focus on other tasks, while customers can easily help themselves to the candy from this convenient acrylic bin.
【Dimensions】: The candy bin measures 9" wide x 11" deep x 9" high, providing ample space for displaying and storing candy.
【Generous Capacity】: The bin can hold approximately 10 to 12 pounds of candy, ensuring a plentiful supply for customers to enjoy.
【Capacity and Durability】: The candy bin has a capacity of 2.9 gallons, offering a substantial amount of storage, while the durable acrylic construction ensures long-lasting use.