SLD, 4" X 48" WIDE SHELF 700073

  • $233.67

Each Trade Fixtures brand Gravity bin comes with a retainer button assembly (p/n 06205A) which secures your bin to the shelf.
Purchasing and installing a secondary locking device (SLD) provides another level of security and prevents misuse by your customers and staff.
This version of the SLD is a single 48" wide plate and is used for 12 gravity bins.
Simply remove the retainer button assembly, lay the steel SLD plate into place and reattach with the retainer button assembly.
This SLD is for use with the 4"x18" (model #04107), or 4"x24" (model #04100) TRADE FIXTURES Gravity bins ONLY.
If you are looking for a singular SLD plate for 1 bin, you need to look at p/n 401-401. For more information, watch the product video below.