Acrlic Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guard 24x36 Landscape or Portrait Ceiling Mount Come with 16' Cable

  • $38.89

This sneeze guard works either landscape or portrait orientations. Comes with 16' stainless steel hanging cable that you may cut to length, as well as four cable grippers to make your installation easy. Acrylic measures 23.6 X 35.8". Weigh 7 lbs.
If you need additional grippers and cables, consider purchase our celing cables and grippers, Link is:
Sneeze guard for shielding from airborne contaminants. It can be used wherever there is a need to limit contacts - in shops, banks, grocery stores, churches, reception desks or pharmacies.
HIGH-QUALITY- Acrylic resin shield for transparency and resistance to shattering, impacts, and most non-abrasive cleaners
MULTIPURPOSE - It can be used at offices. REDUCE EXPOSURES to people coughing, sneezing and spraying droplets from their nose or mouth. Will Arrive with Protective Film to Prevent Scratching & Damage During Shipping - Remove to Reveal Acrylic Finish. Safe, shatterproof acrylic. Easier to fabricate than glass. Use multiple sheets side by side to form a barrier at the length that you want.
CARE - PLEASE DO NOT use windex or generic cleaning products, you will damage the material. Use soap and water or a diluted mixture of water and rubbing alcohol or water and bleach. Always spot test first.