Corrugated Cardboard Socks Display Rotating Peg Hook Display Coutertop Display Rack 18102

  • $9.41

FixtureDisplays Corrugated Cardboard Socks Display Rotating Peg Display Coutertop Display Rack.
This Countertop Sock Display is ideal to display socks, and other merchandise that hang in a long bag such as beef jerky, gloves, etc. Constructed by corrugated paper board and plastic lazy susan, economical and easy to use.
Features a rotating base, customer can view the socks or other products from any angle.
Comes with 12 plastic peg hooks that are 3.5" in length.
Distance between two rolls of hooks is 9.8".
Overall height is 22.2".
Display area is 8.5" wide x 21.6" high.
This display product is light weight - 2 lbs. Easy to move around.