Polished Stainless Steel Advertisment Screws Metal Standoffs 25x25mm Hardware

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Fixture Displays Polished Chrome Stainless Steel Advertisment Nails 25 x 25mm Standoff Hardware for Glass Plexiglass Frames. These decorative standoffs are easy to install. Perfect to use in glass, plexiglass, as a standoff pin for flush mounted or surface mounted glass attachments.
Nut diameter 1". Nut thickness is 0.15" (4mm), washer is 1mm thick each. Standoff part is 3/4" (18mm). Total thickness is 1" (25mm). Overal measurement is 1" diameter 1" thick;
Thread Diameter: 3/8";
Screw Hole Diameter: 0.20"(5mm);
Material: Stainless Steel;
Color: Polished Chrome;
Unit Weight: 28g.
Quantity: 4 pcs.