4PK Side Clamp 4 Way Sign Standoff 1x1.4" Edge Grip Standoff Acrylic Glass Panel

  • $10.14

FixtureDisplays Side Clamp & 4 Way Sign Standoffs 1x1.37", Set of 4 Edge Grip Standoffs for Acrylic Glass Panel, Silver Aluminum. With these edge grip standoffs, no need to drill holes on panel, can hold material from 0.24"(6mm) to 0.31"(8mm) thick acrylic or glass panel.
Made of aircraft-grade aluminium in silver finish. Special installation and dismantling methods need to cooperate with small spanner. After installation, the plate is not easy to be taken and taken away.
These sign standoffs are perfect for use in an office, lobby, lounge, waiting area or bank and make more unique and modern.
Each standoff measures 1"(25mm) in diameter, total height is 1.37"(35mm).
Set of 4 standoffs. Screws, anchors and small spanner provided.