Starter Kit Set: 1 Banding Cart, 1 Roll 2300' Poly Strapping, 100 Clip Seals 14433 + 14434 + 14435

  • $160.81

【1 Cart, 1 Roll 2300' Nylon Strapping, 100 Seals】Includes one Banding Strapping Cart and one roll of Round Packages Strapping and 100 Seal Clips. Poly strapping is 1/2" width, 2300' long, 0.039 inches in thickness. The weight of the strapping cart is 27.5 pounds, and one roll of strapping weighs 18.15 pounds. Metal clip seals work perfectly for 1/2" straps
【Banding Strapping Cart】The cart features black rubber wheels that are sturdy and durable for long-term use. It comes with a built-in toolbox for convenient storage of commonly used tools. The cart is equipped with an automatic tightening brake to prevent the strapping from scattering
【Roll Size】 Works great with 8"+ inside diameter banding strap rolls. Maximum roll OD is 19". Roll thickness max 8". To order additional strapping, follow 14434:。 To order additional clips 14435:
【Yellow Poly Strapping】This kit includes strapping with length of 2300 feet. The banding reel measures 8 inches inside diameter, 13 inches outside diameter, and is 8 inches deep
【Durable】The strapping features embossed texture on both sides, providing excellent anti-slip performance. It is made of Polypropylene, suitable for hand-grade sealing with seals, heat fusion, or friction welds
【Product Video】Video Instructions link: You can also search "14433 14434 14435 strapping cart banding rolling cart fixturedisplays Instructions" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: