Cubby Hole Storage Bin Modular Wood Blocks With Fabric Bins 6/Set

  • $54.56

* Modular Cubby Hole Storage Bin. 6 Cubes in this Kit. Each Cube outside dims measures 11 1/2" WIDE X 7 1/2" DEEP X 8 1/8" TALL. You can position the cubes anyway you like to make up a shape fit for your needs. Cubes are made from 12mm thick MDF, very sturdy.
* Use these storage cubes to organize your books, folders, CDs, DVDs, and other stationary of toy items. Fateners are provide to join tubes together should you choose to do so.
* Comes with non-woven fabric bins. Bins meansure 10 1/2" Wide X 7 1/8" Tall X 7 1/2" Deep.
* Ideal for schools, kindergartens and day care facilities or general retail shops. Organize in any way that fits your environment.
* Nice melamined wood finish provides great atmosphere. Need more? Order several sets to make a bigger/taller display.
* For your convenience here is a link to assembly video: You can also search¡°11364 gao cubes INSTRUCTIONS¡± on youtube to locate the video.You can also download video by following this link: