Display Window Fridge Display Flowers Bottles Cans Umbrellas Beverages Liquor Drinks1993

  • $4.78

This Smart Window / Cooler Fridge Display is ideal for marketing your products in high traffic areas - cooler and display windows.

Perfect for Flowers, Bottles Cans, Umbrellas, Beverages, Liquor/Acholic Drinks, Bottled Water, etc.

Position these displays near cash registers, display windows, POP, POS locations, and watch them draw customers in!

  • Dimensions:?? 13" x 4" x 4"
  • Suction cups provided
  • Top tier opening diameter is 3.2" each, Bottom tier opening diameter is 2.75"
  • Any product that can go through a 3.2" opening, or hook onto the ring, or that can be held in place by the bottom tier ring can be used in these displays.
  • Powder coated nice milky almond color

There are front and back marketing plates, to allow you to cover over and create your own sales message.