4Pk Baby Swaddle Blanket Set Muslin Soft Blanket Suitable For Girls And Boys

  • $2.64

* Made from 100% cotton Muslin fabric. Great swaddle blankets. Each blanket weighs 5.5 ounces. Two-layer woven construction. Soft and breathable. The perfect baby new mother gift ¨C our 1-piece baby blanket is the ideal gift for prenatal parties, birthdays and holidays. Any new mom would love to get these as a gift.
* Good sieze swaddle blankets. 44" x 48" each swaddle blanket. This large size work for babies up to 20 lbs.
* Use as covering blankets, stroller covers, play mats on the floor and outside. Or use as a modesty cover for nursing. Or use during tummy time while on the go. As kids get older, use as thin blankets for summer. Kids can use these as 'capes' while playing superheros, or play for tent and den making. Adults can also use these blankets as cute towels for after shower hair wrapping, or patting face dry.
* Easy to care-machine washable, tumble dry or natural dry. Get softer with every wash cycle. If you wish to purchase 4 blankets of assorted design, use these links: ¼ÓÈë 15412 ASIN/Á´½Ó.