3Mx12.7x2mm Adhesive-Backed Flexible MAGNET Magnetic Tape Strip Roll 101729

  • $3.27

Magnetic Tape Strip Roll,Flexible and strong, can be bent, folded and without compromising the the magnetic;Strong plasticity and you can easily to cut the length what you need. Product are soft, suck stickers function, can cut a variety of shapes DIY, can be paste fixed file.Can easily adsorbed on the surface of the refrigerator iron products and magnetic plates, peeled off just as easily. For shopping malls, office, home, school, and learning! Also applies to advertising / signage / fridge magnet / magnetic screens / other production purposes
Specification£ºwidth is 0.5 inches,thickness is 0.08"2mm), 10 feet(3m) pre roll.Item Ships from Chicago USA. Canada import fees not included..