36 Rolls Silver Grey Duct Tape Industrial Utility Craft Hardware Tape 60Y 7.5Mil

  • $102.06

Utility grade duct tape is best used for patching, bundling, mending, heavy duty box sealing, general repairs, and sealing. Utility grade duct tape is used throughout many different industries which include manufacturing, industrial coating, construction, and painting. Utility grade duct tape can tolerate temperatures up to 200 F and will adhere to an assortment of surface textures. Utility grade duct tape resists curling upon application and provides a clean tear by hand. Listing is for 36 rolls, each 60Y in length. Tape core is 3" id. Specs: Tack >=5#; Peel Adhesion>=10 N/in; Tensil Strength >=50 N/in